Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Fashions For Toddlers

Even moms who aren't that interested in kiddie fashion pull out all the stops when it comes to spring style. Those who celebrate Easter and Passover often have special holiday occasions that require light, fresh clothing that celebrates the season. But even if you're not dressing your little one for a special day, it's so fun to see them in sweet pastels, florals, and seersucker pinstripes.

But in your excitement to find the perfect frock or shorts set, don't forget a most important element: Shoes!

Katie Bug Shoes offers adorable toddler shoes to suit even the most sprite. As the exclusive retailer of Pickles brand shoes, we are proud to say you won't find cuter shoes anywhere. Well-made, beautifully designed and fun to wear (many of them have squeakers!) your little one will not want to take them off.

Remember to measure your child's foot to make sure you're getting the right size before you place your order. Developing little feet need room to spread out along with good support. If you have any questions about shoe sizing or want to talk to us about our shoes and service, we invite you to call 913.206.7505 or email us with our form on our main website.

Have fun dolling up your wee ones this season in spring-inspired kids' fashion--and don't forget the shoes!

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