Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Taking Time For Yourself

This evening I ran across a couple different blog posts about ways moms can take better care of themselves. Despite the fact that we all "know" we should be doing it, I wonder how many of us really do take time out for ourselves? I don't mean going away for the weekend with your girlfriends. That would be nice if you can swing it, but in reality, that's a rare treat.

I'm talking about taking time for yourself each day or throughout the week, and doing something that rejuvenates you. A hot bath with some luxurious bath bomb; an uninterrupted cappuccino with a cheesy fashion magazine; a lunch date with a friend that doesn't involve high chairs and booster seats; or your favorite craft/hobby. Those kinds of things.

Taking time for yourself as a mother isn't about being selfish. It's about refueling and making sure you have the energy and enthusiasm to take care of your family without cutting corners. We all have lofty goals for our selves, our children, and our marriages. But reaching those goals takes personal power. If you spend every waking moment of every day giving, you will become depleted and everyone will suffer--not just you.

Personally, I like to take an hour and go to the book store. Maybe grab a cup of coffee or tea and browse. I might buy something, I might not. If I'm feeling particularly decadent I'll buy a piece of cheesecake from the cafe and indulge.

So, my question for you today is: What do YOU do as a mom (or dad) to recharge your batteries and make sure you're in top form for your family?

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