Thursday, December 31, 2009

Daddy Daddycare

As I type this, I find myself thinking of my husband.  Home Alone.  With 3 kids!  This time of the year is slow for his business, he is a sales recruiter.  So, he decided to stay home with Jack (7), Kate (5), and Maryn (2).  They are all on Winter Break from their respective schools and pre-school.  Preschool has winter break?  I know, right?!  My husband is a college educated, business savvy, child rearing moron!  This man can think of 10 ways to sell an ice cube to a penguin but is totally incompetent when it comes to figuring out how to entertain his kids.  Please don't get me wrong...he is a great Dad. A great Dad!  As long as we are doing something.  Practicing sports, playing tag outside, building a fort, etc.  But when it is 20 degrees outside at 11:00 am and he and the kids are bunkered in.  Cabin Fever sets in  and he loses it!  This morning I gave him a list of 5 things he could do with the kids.  I though it was pretty good and might be able to help out other idealess Dads:

1.  Take the kids to a movie - At least it's not the same as just sticking the kids in front of the television.  It's an outing and some bonding time.
2.  Play some board games.  Board games are a great way to interact with the kids and teach them sportsmanship and "game manners."
3.  Hide and Seek.  Is there a better game when you are a kid and your dad is "it!"
4.  Write some thank you notes for the Holiday Gifts.  Good way to teach the kids the etiquette of writing a simple note to say thanks when someone gives you a gift.
5.  Go Bowling.  Bowling is fun, easy, and cheap (especially during the week).  Again, bonding experience.

There are a ton of other things that you can do to entertain kids during times at home.  Your kids will thank you for it.  I thought of one more....clean up before Mom gets home!!

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